The idea of writing a book…

…had swirled in my head for over 20 years. In particular, I wanted to write about Jesus from an African perspective. I did not start writing due to discouragement from a teacher in high school who made dismissive comments about a poem I had written. I was so affected that I never made another attempt at writing until I started on this book in 2007.

For this, I thank a seminary professor who mentioned in passing that I wrote my papers well and she was sure I would one day become a writer. I did not take her words to heart till 2005 when I got a job with a large corporation. The work was routine with little room for creativity. Having worked in television, I was desperate to find something creative to do. That's when I started writing and soon the ideas began to flow as a pattern took hold. The result was my debut novel, Son of the Oracle published in 2010.

Initially, this was a single book in two parts - Part 1 and Part 2. Independently, some college professors mentioned to me that it would make a good set book for high school or college, but it was a little long especially for students who had other assignments and books to read. Having thought about it for some time, it made sense to go ahead and split Son of the Oracle into two related books that can stand on their own. In this age of competing interests, even the casual reader will benefit from a book they can go through quickly in one shot. I give you A Son is Given and Worship the Son. Enjoy!

Tsihugwa Kikuyu, 2010